Fabulous Feminist Anthem!

Fabulous Feminist Anthem!

Last at the 2017th Annual Fabulous Feminist Fundraiser the Minyan Klezmer band premiered our new Anthem!

To the tune of “Sunrise, Sunset”
(Lyrics by Phyllis Morrow for Almost a Minyan Klezmer band and the Fabulous Feminist Fundraiser, April 8, 2017)

How did these people get in office?

How did they grow to be so strong?

I don’t remember voting for them.

It’s so wrong.

How did Trump get to be our leader?

How did he grow to be so tall?

Wasn’t it yesterday

his hands were small?

Some lies, some shit,

Some lies, some shit.

Justice disappears.

Alt-right grows overnight to power,

Feeding on bigotry and fears.


Is it too late to change the scoreboard?

Can we still wipe away this shame?

Women are always thinking forward,

in this game.

Take out your credit card and donate,

Make yourself volunteer more time.

Being an activist

is not a crime!

Sunrise, sunset

Sunrise, sunset

Cycles tend to end.

When more progressives are in power,

Congress will have to make amends.


Fabulous feminists are crafty

Fabulous feminists speak up

We all know how to be real nasty

With this stuff.

Buy up some items for the auction.

Put on your pussy hats and march.

Stand up like Liberty

and raise your torch!

Surprise, upset,

Surprise, upset.

Let’s just change the norm.

Feminists following each other,

We can take history by storm.

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