Goodbye Amazon

So I did it! I pulled the plug on my Amazon prime account.  I use Prime ALLOT! For both my business and personal purchasing I’ve enjoyed the great deals, free shipping, the videos, and of course the music! But the good does not outweigh the bad.  My bottom line is that I can NOT support a company that supports bigotry and hate speech that is Breitbart news.

From now on I’ll be purchasing my reading materials from Gulliver’s Books, online from my personal hometown favorite Powell’s Books Store (I moved her from Oregon in 2001) or Better World Books.

Huffington Post has a whole series of articles on the subject of the Amazon boycott.  As I read up on the subject prior to cancelling I came across amazon’s profile on the Ethical Consumer and it confirmed there were lots of good reasons to break away.

I implore you all to flex your fiscal activism along with me. . . I’d also love to hear what you are reading.  Currently I’m turning the pages of: You Can’t Touch My Hair by Phoebe Robinson and I’m on a little Margaret Atwood binge; i just finished The Heart Goes Last and I’m re-reading her classic The Handmaid’s Tale.

~Jeannine Haney

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