Congressional Recess Townhall Sans a Senator

For the last few months we have been pressing our Senators for public meetings…to no avail.  Lisa Murkowski has made time for meetings and conversations with us but Dan Sullivan completely ignores us.  So we really focused on getting a townhall with Sullivan during the recess.  He wouldn’t even send an aide, let alone acknowledge us, so had a town hall without them.  It was a respectful evening of questions we would have loved to ask our Senator.  We would also have appreciated answering his questions…instead we spoke to a cardboard cutout of Sullivan and taped the event on our phones.

We were respectful, productive and timely with our questions to Sullivan.  People were passionate but there was definitely none of the behavior the Senator claims to be avoiding from his constituents.  We have put in a request for a public town hall (not online!) during the next recess.  #FBXaction call, email, and request when you visit to accept the townhall – meeting request from March On Fairbanks.


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